Organizational Behavior 2016 Slides (MBA)

The slides are part of a Course that is premised on research carried out the last 10 years reslting in the the formulation of the Relational Approach which is to be used so as to better understand organizational behavior proper.

Organizational Behavior 2014  Slides (BBA)

The slides present a functional approach to organizational behavior.

OB Bolashak Executive Training 2012 Slides
The slides were developed to meet the needs of an executive training of Bolashak holders. It was an opportunity to detail the Relational Approach by considering the specific features of stakeholders.


leadership in organisationsperformance and knowledge
behavioral theories
organizational management      thought
structure of organizationstypes
behavioral sciencespersonality
myers & briggs
questionnairesF scale
various tests
change and conflictstrategies


New Age Consumer Behavior 2012 Slides (MBA)

The slides are part of a challenging course which, inconsidering the digital reality of our age, questions typical consumer theories developed for accounting the consumption of analog products.

Consumer Behavior 2016 Slides (BBA)

The slides present typical perception and attitudinal theories as well as consider contextual factors with the aim to explore the facets of consumers whereon to construct consumer profiles - which are subsequently used for market segmentation. 

Consumer Behavior Sample Studies

Business and Society 2011 Slides (BBA)

The slides start by presenting some typical organizational perspectives on ethic al questions of CSR to finally adopt the relational approach so as to examine and even question the intentions and end-effects of CSR (that is use its own premises for critically examining its own actions) in the interaction betweeen businesses and their stakeholders.

CC Management 2011 Slides (BBA)

The slides present the role of culture in management based on readings and research that I carried out in the early 1990s a period when cultural studies were becoming trendy.

Change Management 2017 Slides (BBA)

These slides explore change management or the art of evolving - a way to explore the practical aspects of "difference" - see my philosophy pages
Principles of Management Slides (BBA)