Droit des affaires 2019 (BBA)
Conçu pour les étudiants du BBA, ce cours présente les principes de droit découlant de la tradition juridique continentale et en particulier, suisse. En adoptant une approche entrepreneuriale, le cours met en lumière les différents aspects légaux qui concernent les entreprises, depuis leur création à leur liquidation. Les élèves apprennent à analyser des cas, ainsi que de développer des argumentations à faire valoir devant les tribunaux suivant les procédures juridiques en vigueur. Selon le thème traité, des références aux systèmes légaux Européens seront présentées ainsi que des aspects internationaux.

Document de référence: Droit suisse des contrats et des affaires (Zamaros, 2019)

Business Law 2018 (BBA)

This course presents various topics in a manner that is close to the way the law itself has been classified in the various codes and other provisions and where possible, a synthetic and comparative manner is adopted so as to group various legal issues together or highlight differences. Favoring research and critical reflection, this course is suitable for both undergrads and graduates who are new to Swiss Law and wish to discover two specific and vital areas for businesses via an approach that is constantly informed by legal practice.

Reference text: Swiss Contract and Business Law (Zamaros, 2018)

Law Course 2014 (NJC - CLN4U)

This course examines elements of Canadian and international law in social, political, and global contexts. Students will study the historical and philosophical sources of law and the principles and practices of international law and will learn to relate them to issues in Canadian society and the wider world. Students will use critical-thinking and communication skills to analyze legal issues, conduct independent research, and present the results of their inquiries in a variety of ways

course information (inlc. outline) (2014)

course schedule (2014)

rubrics - presentations - essays

exams - exam1 - exam2 - exam3(case 1) - exam5(case 2) - exam6exam7(case3)

unit0  session1 
unit1 - legal inquiy session3 toolkit 1
  session4 toolkit 2
  session5 toolkit 3
unit2 - legal heritage session6 concepts 1
  session7 concepts 2
  session8 sources 1
  session9 sources 2
  session10 change
  session11 courts
unit3 - constitutional law & rights session12 const. 1
  session13 const. 2
  session14 rights 1
  session15 rights 2
  session16 issues
  session17 minorities
unit4 - criminal law & procedure  session18 1
  session19 2
  session20 proced. 1
  session21 proced. 2
  session22 proced. 3
  session24 rehab
  session26 minors
unit5 - tort law session28 proced.
  session30 negligence
  session32 liability
  session33 environm.
unit6 - contract law    session34 general
  session35/ cases1
  session36 sales, agency
  session37/ cases2
  session38 lease, work
unit7 - labor law session40 contracts
  session41 employers
  session42 conditions
  session43 / cases
  session44 rights
  session45 safety
  session46 u-ment
unit8 - international law session47  publicIL1
  session49  publicIL2
  session51  privateIL1
  session53 EU Court
  session55  privateIL2