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In 2004 when the site was created, I was among the few Professors using this website as a resource tool in teaching providing my students and intellectual followers with lectures, ideas, important links, and resources relative to my four areas of research, namely, organizational behavior, law, and philosophy. I am delighted that this website has been a beakon for the 4'000 students (and counting) I have had the great pleasure to teach since 1978!  

And here are some of their testimonials
I like that he makes us apply the terms we use, not just memorize them.
He has a lot of knowledge in the subject and has a lot of passion for it. I enjoy coming to class, although I am not a big fan of economics, because his enthusiasm will pump me up
Always answered emails promptly and was open to help with anything we might not have understood.
Dr. Zamaros is effective with time and takes time to explain things as opposed to rushing over them.
The questions that he poses to the class are very engaging and thought provoking.

Enjoy surfing on my network!

Dr.Z - Prof. Dr. Panayotis (Panos) Zamaros


Here is some BIO info about me as well as links to my other websites.


Here are my ARTICLES, which are currently updated to include everything I have ever written and published since I ever set foot on this planet.

Here are RESEARCH projects, resources and useful tips for writing and presenting work, in particular essays, in addition to the different systems of referencing.

Since the Society for Studying Difference has fallen in deep slumber since 2008 I took the decision to close The Difference Site that I founded in 2004. Not wanting to lose all the work and efforts done all these years, I decided to collect the most important aspects of the site here under DIF-FERANCE. Did you know that I coined the word dif-ferance in 2004 to honor two philosophers? Who were they?

And here there is information on MY ROOTS and in particular the lineages of Zamaros, Chevangkool, Mihas, Seiler, Briggs, Whitney, Duree and the Daughers of the (US) Revolution.

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