I was not but now I am, not what I was, but who I have become ...

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The current Zamaros family of 5 members, Panayotis, Sairoong, Donna, Vikki and Kellby, is made up of two lineages.

The Zamaros lineage, whose origin is Greek - but not the name as there are very few Zamaros' in Greece - maybe from Nothern Italy - yet there is a river Zamaros in the middle of Creta! The family must have emigrated to the island of Kythnos late 19th century - there are still some Zamaros' on the island, and from there to Athens.

The Chevangkool lineage, whose origin is Thai and which can be traced to the region of Katchanburi (river Kway) - yet there have been strong Chinese influences.

Going a generation back, here is Sairoong's father Somchai of the Chevangkool lineage, and her mother Rungthong from ChiangMai.

Going a generation back, here is Panayotis' father Anastasios Zamaros of the Zamaros lineage and Mihas lineage.

From Panayotis' mother Sandra Seiler there is opening onto the Seiler lineage, Briggs lineage, Whitney lineage, Duryee lineage, and through the daughters of the revolution lineage, onto the protagonists of the US revolution.

new discoveries
pieces of history
Eva Zamaros-Zissimopoulos (grand-aunt to Panayotis) was Paleon Faliron mayor for 2 months in 1970 replacing the ill-fated Psarrakis : here

A little Paleon Falion history - George Zamaros (uncle to Panayotis) and grand aunt Eva Zamaros-Zissimopoulos (grand-aunt to Panayotis) were involved with founding a social association aiming at rending the city nicer and more knowledgeable (7:02): here
All about Glyfada can be found in Greek: here

The Mihas family were not much involved with politics etc thus are not much known yet were among the first to settle at Glyfada where the city center is now.

Aliki Zamaros-Koufou passed on 1.4.2017.
Did you know that Allan (Allen) Lindsay Briggs was a gold medalist at the Stockholm Olympics? check out the Wikki
His memorial at Arlington: here
Col. Spyridon Zissimopoulos (grand uncle to Panayotis) was and still is quite a hero. He died on 22.08.1948 in the region of Derveni, Florina (near village Kalogereitsa).
There is a armed camp named after him:
Here is his memorial located at a central road named after him in Paleon Faliron where the Zamaros family used to live.
Before the Greek Civil War Col. Zissimopoulos faught against the German-Italian invasion at the battle of Vevi (Κλεισούρα Καστοριάς) with the rank of Major of the Greek mechanized division.
Gen. Abram Duryee or Duryée (yes he is family): here
His memorial: here
Passing of his daughter Caroline Whittingham: here

Added info:
Abram Duryee was born 1815, at New York, to Jacob Duryee and Eliza Duryee (born Dean).
Jacob was born on March 12 1794, in New York.
Eliza was born circa 1795.
Abram had 4 siblings notably Jacob Duryee
Abram married Caroline Duryee (born Allen) in1838, at age 23 in New York.
Caroline was born circa 1820, in New York.
They had 5 children among which Cora Duryee, Adelaide A. Duryee.
Abram passed away in1890, at age 75 in New York.

The Duryee family tree is traced here
Abram father: Jacob Duryee (1794-1861)
Jacob's father: Abram Duree (1762-1807)
Abram's father: Jacob Duryee (1730-1796)
Jacob's father: Charles Joosten Duryee (1690-1753)
Charle's father: Joost Durea (1650-1727)
Joost's father: Simon DuRieu (1692- 1769) from Nord Pas de Calais, France
Here is a geat areal pic of Paleon Faliron prior to WWII where we can spot where the Zamaros family lived - grand father Panayotis and grand mother Vassiliki

Should anyone out there have information to further the lineages, please let me know: zamarosroots@zamaros.net   

Here are links to other members of the family:

Donna Zed, Panayoti's eldest daughter who is an aspiring musician.

Sabrina Seiler, Panayotis' aunt, who is a tango teacher.

Paty Aubert, Panayotis' cousin, who had a restaurant near Perpignan in France.

Helen Tsopouropoulou, Panayotis' aunt, who has villas for rent in Greece.